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Briefly: all the energy available on the planet comes from the Sun

Natural gas, coal, oil and other fossil fuels can be considered as a stock of solar energy stored up by prehistoric forests through photosynthesis. This process has captured and transferred huge amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere into the Earth’s crust, over millions of years. The climate change being caused by our unsustainable exploitation of fossil fuels and subsequent emission of green house gases (GHG) will have profound and possibly catastrophic effects on life on Earth. Accordingly, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and developing new and renewable technologies that arrest and reverse this process must be one of our highest priorities. Biomass (wood chips) gasification, relying on the natural solar energy transformation cycle, give us the chance to tap green energy preserving the environment and life. Reset s.r.l. offers a range of solutions to either accomplish this goal and create unique and sustainable economic / occupational opportunities.

Company Profile

Who we are

Reset s.r.l. is an innovative startup that has borrowed Techmatica’s +10 years experience and know-how in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation from renewable energy sources (RES) to set up and develop “syngaSmart”, a range of RES micro-cogenerators based on the SBR® (Smart Biomass Reactor) gasifier.

What we do

Distributed MICRO COGENERATION: we design, assembly, install and maintain bioliquid and biomass CHP generator systems.

Energy from wood

Turn biomass into electricity and heat: full solution for commercial power generation

Feed-in tariff

Now you can take advantage of feed-in tariffs for biomass-based energy generation in a plug-n-play, fully integrated, and equipment certified solution…


Environment and wood

Wood is among the prime and most efficient resources to convey solar energy; in fact, it can be seen as a fuel tank, a stock of energy. The EU Directive 2009/28/EC defines the Biomass as “the biodegradable fraction of products …


The idea – Syngas and Energy

Combined Heat and Power production through a sustainable and efficient use of local forest resources and wood industry waste by-products.



syngaSmart is the plug-n-play solution for CHP production (electricity and heat) from Renewable Source of Energy (RES).
It turns solid biomass (woodchips) into electric and thermal energy.

The process

syngaSmart cogenerators consist of thermoelectrical generators based on a termochemical reaction where combustion is not performed with traditional procedures… Read more...


CHPbs50/100/200WG is a compact and cost-optimized biomass power generation system, enclosed within a standard 20’ shipping container. Read more...

Very interesting ROI… Quote your investment!


Fully automated and integrated process…

Our proposal

User friendly: Reset handles all the steps to set up your installation and access to feed-in tariffs...


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